Deuterium Saliva Test Kit


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 Saliva Deuterium Test

·         Start with our proprietary easy to use Deuterium Saliva Test Kit. It’s important to establish Your Baseline at the beginning of the program to understand what your level is.

·         This simple saliva test can be done in the privacy of your home, it is easy to do and delivers an accurate and fast result.

·         Saliva collection is evaluated by high precision CLIA licensed testing lab with an unprecedented rapid turn-around time 5-10 days.

·         Test is a powerful bio-marker that reveal the level of deuterium in your body.

·         45-day follow up test is equally important to see how effective the simple integration of our drinks made progress in your journey to deplete the level of heavy hydrogen in your body, and helps with an additional guidance to make adjustments if necessary.