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“As we are paying attention to the circadian rhythm, the sun, the water and the food we eat: We are becoming Mitochondriac.”
-Dr. Kruse

“The moment you change your perception is the moment your rewrite the chemistry in your body.”
Bruce H. Lipton

Personalized Health and Wellness Solutions

At SOURCE ENERGETIX, we believe it’s all about the mitochondria. By producing more energy, you receive enormous benefits such as slowing down the signs of aging. We are focused on delivering individualized plans that will improve your energy at a cellular level. Our super light clean product is deuterium-depleted and energetic charged water containing the amino acids your body needs. Additionally, we intend to provide customized plans using advanced precision biomarker monitoring. Learn more about our game-changing products and services.

Importance of Hydrogen

Hydrogen is the smallest molecule in our body. As described by Nobel prize winner Albert Szent-Györgyi, it’s the fuel of life. By increasing the hydrogen in the water we drink, we can effectively hydrate ourselves and increase our energy levels.

Mission Statement

Our goal is to deliver a precise and personalized wellness solution aimed at preventing chronic disease and bring optimal health leveraging and integrating the “Best Proven Sciences.”

What People Say About Our Plans and Products

We use our expertise to provide products and services that will make waves in health and wellness. Our team takes pride in helping people reach optimal health and prevent chronic diseases.

“Regina's plan for my weight loss has proven to be so successful. I have lost 35 pounds and my markers have all improved. I feel great!” -Jane Austin, TX

“After only 6 days of following Regina’s personalized protocol, I was able to discontinue my diabetes medications and haven't required them since!” - Gabriel Pflugerville, TX

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